UN Still Pushing The Big Lie

For decades the left-wing communists in America have tried to scare us all into accepting an authoritarian lifestyle, the kind which our founders rebelled against.

In the 60’s the big lie was that our planet was going to die from overconsumption and overpopulation so we had to stop having kids.  When that failed they warned us of a coming second Ice Age that would snuff out life on the planet if we didn’t change the way we lived.  But as the earth’s temperature began to warm, the new buzz word became global warming with even more dire predictions if we didn’t give up meat, fossil fuels and everything that made life enjoyable.

When people didn’t fall for that scam they changed the buzz word to climate change, a term so inclusive that you could use any weather event or natural disaster to prove we were all going to die if we didn’t  give government complete control over our lives and all our money.

According to the UN, who recently issued a Red Alert, climate change is widespread, unprecedented, and intensifying, with some trends irreversible, at least during the present time frame. And the only way to fix the problem is to respond to the crisis with “solidarity and courage,” along with giving them complete control over our lives and all of our money.

A new peer reviewed paper recently published by a team of scientists has concluded that the sun may be the main cause of warmer temperatures – not the carbon dioxide emissions blamed by the UN’s IPCC.  Specifically the paper said that the UN’s stance on blaming human emissions was based on “narrow and incomplete data about the sun’s total irradiance.”  The global climate body appears to have displayed “deliberate and systemic bias” in what views and data they included in their climate reports over the years. Imagine that!

Using publicly available data from the U.S. government and other sources, the paper says it is easy to explain that all of the warming observed in recent decades comes from nothing but changes in the solar energy arriving on Earth.

It turns out that the UN is not the only organization that likes to play fast and loose with data.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has made repeated “adjustments” to its data, to create an illusion of ever-rising temperatures to match the increase in CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere since the mid-1800s. 

The actual measured temperature record, pre-adjustment, shows that the over-all  measured temperature has produced no clear trend of heating or cooling over the last century, at least not one that suggests runaway warming.  They are cooking the data to prove a politically correct trend toward global warming which has been part and parcel of the government’s underlying policies for the better part of two decades, to separate the fool from his money.

I think it is interesting to note that while all scientists do not accept the idea that the sun can increase the earth’s temperature significantly, they certainly can’t argue with the fact that Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter, along with other worlds in our solar system, are also heating up.  The last time I checked there were no people, industries, automobiles or cows living on those planets.   Is it a fluke or is the sun the only common thread linking all these events?

We’ll never know.  The UN’s real agenda is not to save the planet for the peasants.  The real agenda is to control the peasants and Climate Change is the hook. 

Source:  Study: The sun may have more to do with global warming than carbon dioxide, by Mary Villareal, Climate News; The Stunning Statistical Fraud Behind The Global Warming Scare, Investors Business Daily

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