Is God Speaking to Us?

Some have wondered if we’re now experiencing the third term of our first Muslim president, and I must agree with that assessment.  The current occupant of the White House may well soon be replaced by the person the Globalists intended to sit there all along — Harris or Pelosi.

Afghanistan is big news. After 20 years — America’s longest war — nearly 2500 American service members were killed there — that we know of.  Nearly 4,000 US Contractors were killed there. The Afghan national military and police lost 66,000. Afghan civilian deaths were 47,245. We lost 444 aid workers and 72 journalists.

We also left behind $85 billion in sophisticated military equipment – handed to the Taliban with a big red bow. Why would we deliberately plan to leave so much equipment behind?  One government “talking head,” said it was more expensive to bring it back than to just leave it.  But when has the cost of anything ever had any bearing on decisions made by our government? 

These highly sophisticated weapons were handed over to our enemies on purpose; a deliberate move to make certain the Taliban was highly armed. And as a thank you to the Biden Administration, the Taliban has vowed to take Jihad to the whole world. 

Biden has, so far, allocated $500 million to the Afghan refugee resettlement in the US while Americans, trying to leave Afghanistan, are being charged $2000 each. And on top of all the unvetted Afghanistan immigrants brought to America there are an estimated 300,000 to one million illegals flooding across our southern border every month.

While American citizens are being forced to submit to quarantines, mandatory injections of experimental poisons and mask mandates, illegals and Afghanistan immigrants are NOT even being screened for COVID as they are “resettled” throughout the U.S. where they receive free medical care, free housing, free good and cash. Try asking for that as an American citizen!

Let me clearly state that I have no problem at all with legal immigration or people of any race. But we’re talking about hundreds of thousands, if not millions of illegal aliens invading our country, and our government is letting it happen. Mask mandates exist for all American citizens who fly yet I’ve seen countless cases of fully loaded aircraft, filled with illegal aliens, on their way to somewhere here in our country — and none of them were required to do TSA screening, and none of them have been required to wear any sort of mask.

No country can remain safe if we do not maintain our borders.  We’re being invaded and the invasion is being orchestrated by our government. 

I cannot confirm this, but it’s recently come to my attention that the USDA has recently given American family farmers an ultimatum: destroy your crops and receive 1 1/2 times the value of the crop and continue receiving government farm subsidies… or if they do not destroy their crops, the subsidies will end, and the farmers forced into bankruptcy.  As I said I cannot confirm this, because in doing internet searches, all I’m finding are stories debunking this allegation. 

We’re seeing vast reserves of lumber and building supplies being held by shadow government agencies, at a time when lumber and building supply prices have gone through the roof because we’re told, there’s a tremendous shortage.  And food prices were 40% higher in May of this year than they were just one year ago.  Did any of you get a 40% pay raise this year?

And as gas prices continue to climb, I’ve also seen reports of American oil producers being ordered to dump their oil.  And hundreds of thousands of shipping containers are being held — not allowed to be shipped for distribution — in American ports.  You should note that most American ports are now controlled by Communist China, who are also buying up vast amounts of farmland in the US along with Bill Gates, an architect of the COVID scam.

The Federal Reserve continues to print money out of thin air as the Democrat left continues to find ways to waste it. Biden’s “infrastructure bill” is filled with Leftist-agenda-driven plans that will further erode our freedom and access to essential goods and services.  More than one congressman said he never read that infrastructure bill and admitted that “nobody” would.  They’d simply vote it through.

While most of America is reeling from the craziness in D.C., China, with the most sophisticated military in the world, is amassing huge numbers of troops around the globe. We’ve all heard there are 300,000 Chinese troops currently stationed in Canada. I cannot definitively confirm this number, but there’s no doubt that there are many Chinese troops stationed there,. China has also made it clear that they plan to invade Taiwan, and have threatened Japan and the US with annihilation if they try to intervene.

Green zones are being set up in this country which are essentially concentration camps for the un-jabbed. Then there is the
Homeland Security Vaccination Strike Force that will go door to door to force the jab on the untouchables. Where will it end? Look at Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Once a nation of Christians, we forgot about God and followed our own wicked, carnal desires and the enticements of foreign gods.   The shepherds, who should have known better, were content to keep us all fat and happy with feel-good self-help “talks,” and no fear of the Lord at all.  So this is where we’re at today.

“The foreigner who is among you shall rise higher and higher above you, and you shall come down lower and lower. He shall lend to you, and you shall not lend to him. He shall be the head and you shall be the tail. All these curses shall come upon you and pursue you and overtake you ‘til you are destroyed, because you did not obey the voice of the Lord your God, to keep His commandments and His statutes that He commanded you.” Deuteronomy 27.

God has spoken.

Source: God Has Spoken, by Rob Pue; Taliban Has Access to $85 Billion US Weapons, Independent TV

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