Toadies Are Driving the Bus

The insanity, the craziness is spilling over the top.  What was once a great county, the US and much of Western Civilization is showing signs of psychosis.  Globalists, corrupt politicians, oligarchs, godless billionaires and their bureaucrat toadies are driving the bus. 

In just a few short years the soul of this nation has been ripped apart.  Our government and our schools look like a spectacle from Hell, filled with every form of moral corruption and evil imaginable. Drag shows are being pushed for children and gender surgeries for minors, explicit pornography in school books, etc.

The left hasn’t been shy about expressing their conviction that most Americans are not qualified to parent their own children.  Both Biden and Kamala Harris have repeatedly referred to American children as “our kids,” with the Biden White House most recently tweeting out a pride-themed video about “LGBTQI+…children” and how “they are all our kids.”

“These are our neighbors. Not somebody else’s kids; they’re all our kids,” Biden can be heard saying, as images of a White House alight as rainbow colors play in the background. “And our children are the kite strings that hold our national ambitions aloft…. you are loved, you are heard, and this administration has your back.” In other words, only the crazies know how to raise our children and anyone who wants to protect them from the crazies is wrong, prejudiced and homophobic.

An article in the Washington Post ranted against parents who chose to homeschool since there is “little to no regulation in much of the country, with no guarantees that kids are learning skills and subjects to prepare them for adulthood — or, for that matter, learning anything at all.”

Salon ran a story in early June to warn that homeschooling will damage an entire generation of children who are “uniquely vulnerable to isolation, abuse and humiliation at the hands of their caregivers.” Caregivers defined as parents who care about their children’s future.

A May headline from MSNBC claimed that conservative Christians are hijacking homeschooling while CNN reported that white supremacist homeschooling network shared Nazi-related teaching resources.  As usual with most left-wing attacks on conservative Christian values, no proof was offered.  

In March of last year the New Republic called conservatives’ embrace of classical education “alarming,” and claimed that “religious charter schools” were “a threat to pluralistic society.” Michael Harriot of The Grio and a contributor to MSNBC claimed that classical education is racist because it teaches “white things,” whatever that means.

The left is in a panic since they have lost over 1 million students since 2020 to homeschooling, Charter schools have grown by 90% since 2016.  Between 2020 and 2021 state funding for higher education declined in 37 states by an average of 6% according to the NEA, America’s largest left-wing Teacher’s Union.

The left will never admit that homeschoolers score 15 to 25 percent above government educated students on standardized academic achievement tests.  Notre Dame’s research by the sociology department indicated that students outside of government indoctrination centers have better academic preparation, outlooks on life and independent thinking.  Is it any wonder the left hates homeschooling!

Homeschooling and classical education schools aren’t hotbeds of racial, sexual, or political ideology that threaten the minds and bodies of our nation’s young people. That description, unfortunately, is far more likely to be true of America’s public schools. 

Conservatives believe that parents, not the government, should have the primary say in their child’s life and that a child’s rights must be protected first and foremost. For conservatives, when it comes to protecting children, that is the hill to die on.  Congressman Jeff Duncan

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