Obama uses Race Card and Deceased Mother



Imagine if Republicans or Democrats announced a national campaign called ‘Whites for Republicans” – “Whites for Democrats” –  The media would immediately jump on it as pure racism. And yet Barack Obama has done the equivalent of precisely that with his launch of ‘African Americans for Obama’, and he gloriously gets a free pass.

In the video Obama urges black Americans to volunteer their time by making calls, organizing events and going door to door in their neighborhoods encouraging other African Americans to vote for him.


Not only is Obama playing the race card in an attempt to pressure black Americans into voting for him,  he is also violating the separation between church and state. In the video promo for the campaign, Obama urges black people to pressure churches into supporting his administration by getting his message out via “the faith community”. He also calls on voters to become “congregation captains”.

Obama forgets he’s not black, he’s Mulatto, and as shown by his policies he’s not for black or white Americans and their freedom – he’s for Socialism.

Now if this isn’t disturbing enough, Obama is now allowing the DNC to use his mother to go after women’s votes and promote Obamacare, wanting readers to believe it was the U.S. health care system that misdiagnosed his mother’s condition causing her to die.

The TRUTH is, it wasn’t until she flew home to the U.S. from Jakarta to have her appendix removed that she was properly diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Apparently, Jakarta’s doctors failed to know the difference between ovarian cancer and appendicitis.

This proves Obama will do anything, including lie about his own mother, and our own healthcare system to get votes and his socialist agenda secured. How sick is that?

Let’s not forget who Obama truly is and what he stands for.




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