If Anyone’s a Criminal it’s Obama

Mychal Massie

I’m not sure which is worse: Obama’s pernicious mendacity, the people who unquestioningly accept it, or the Republicans’ disgustingly vapid responses to same.  Obama and his campaign have had the unmitigated gall to suggest that Mitt Romney is a felon.  And, before Obama sycophants say that’s not what he said, let me point out that my statement is not ipse dixit.  Obama, et al, saying that “it’s impossible to be sure Romney isn’t a criminal” is precisely the same as calling him a criminal.

Obama, for his part, has stepped up his attacks on Romney’s record at Bain Capital amidst calls for Romney to release more of his tax records.

Obama should be confronted and questioned as to whether he thinks it was a criminal act for his arrogant wife to knowingly falsify the status of his daughters on their taxpayer-funded trip to Africa.  Does he believe that the First Lady claiming his daughters were senior staff members doesn’t matter?  He’s mister-big-time-lawyer, doesn’t he think that to knowingly falsify information on federal documents is a crime?

And, as long as I’m on the subject, here’s another question for Obama.  Insofar as he is attacking Romney for engaging in what Obama claims amounts to criminal behavior, we should demand he tell us the circumstances surrounding both he and his wife being forced to surrender their law licenses.  No lawyer surrenders their law license without cause and in every instance I am aware of a lawyer surrendering their law license it has been as a result of criminal behavior on their part.  So tell us why the two of them haven’t told us the truth about why they surrendered their licenses.

Does Obama think there’s a difference between his falsely smearing Romney and the fact that his administration includes more than 40 known tax cheats?  And, it should be mentioned, that’s without Tom Daschle who could not get through the nomination process because of his epic tax frauds.  And, it should be further noted, that the disgraced former Congressman and governor John Corzine is his chief campaign bundler.  He is the man Obama has publicly praised on numerous occasions who is responsible for $1.6 billion in missing MF Global client funds.  Doesn’t he think Corzine’s corruption and mismanagement rise to a level above that which he accuses Romney?


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