Day: October 5, 2012

What If Obama Were White?

At the beginning of the Obama administration 12.7% of black adults seeking work were unemployed.  Black unemployment now stands at 14.1%.   Unemployment for black teenagers at the beginning of the Obama administration was was 35.2% – today that figure stands…

13 Minute Video Every Voter Needs To See

This is an unnarrated documentary on Obama’s first term in office.  It cuts through  the rhetoric on health care, transparency, taxes, energy, fairness and the national debt.   If you are still wavering as to which candidate you will support on November…

Forward more jobs to China

 Can we blame this slip of the tongue on the altitute as well or has Obama revealed another hidden agenda. Obama announced in Denver today that the best way to maintain a strong and thriving middle class was to export more jobs.