Illiterate Children Become Illiterate Adults

“A child miseducated is a child lost.” – President John F. Kennedy

American public schools continue to churn out graduates who are taught what to think, but not how to think. And this is happening according to the Common Core agenda. From confounding students with backward, immoral, and politically correct curriculum to vacuuming up every form of data conceivable about our children, to taking over parental responsibilities with “Full-Service Community Schools,” today’s government schools are a major threat to the well-being of our children.

It is no secret that today’s schools are a massive failure.  For example, in 2018 the Department of Education released the results of its National Assessment of Educational Progress proving that the overwhelming majority of children are not proficient in math or reading.  In fact, almost two-thirds of 8th graders were ranked below proficient on the government’s Nation’s Report Card.  In some districts fewer than 8 out of 100 were proficient in either subject.

Illiterate children become illiterate adults and illiterate adults become slaves of the government.  In our nation’s capital, a stunning two-thirds of residents over the age of 15 are classified as functionally illiterate, according to a report by the State Education Agency.  Nationwide, the most recent National Assessment of Adult Literacy by the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics revealed just 13% of adults rank as proficient inn literacy. 

The history of reform efforts is replete with half-hearted measurers, with almost comical misdiagnoses of the existing problem, with blame-shifting, and with humbug.  Everyone is an expert; everyone has the answer to solve the problem, which almost always involves additional tax dollars or some new magic bullet.  But these magic bullets always misfire and instead of changing their weapon, policy-makers simply put another round in the chamber, foolishly believing that the newest fad will succeed despite the failures of its predecessors.

The methods used in schools today to teach reading under Common Core was exposed as quackery over 150 years ago when it was first tried in Boston under Horace Mann.  It has been exposed many times since then in Why Johnny Can’t Read by Rudolf Flesch, 1955, or The New Illiterates by Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld, 1973.  On October 26 of 2018, even the New York Times exposed this in a piece headlined “Why Are We Still Teaching Reading the Wrong Way?” And yet, under Common Core, children are still being forced to memorize “sight words” in kindergarten, producing life-long reading disabilities in tens of millions of American children.

Thanks to government programs like common core, in many cases graduates are unable to even read their high school diploma, much less sustain the experiment in liberty bequeathed to Americans by our Founding Fathers.  In short, American government schools are mass-producing illiterate and innumerate citizens on an industrial scale and charging American taxpayers more than $1 trillion per year for the service.

True critical thinking is on the way out. Logic, truth, real philosophy, and more have been replaced with emotionalism and post-modernism. Teaching real history is becoming a thing of the past. Legitimate science also is falling by the wayside, as science today consistently focuses on the man-made global warming fallacy, false religious doctrines of atheism disguised as science and sexual perversion.

In the future, children will all be learning from the same script, literally. Parents will become increasingly sidelined as globalized schools take over everything from mental and dental health to sexuality and nutrition. Indeed, even as Americans fought against the nationalization of education via Common Core, the United Nations was globalizing education and pushing its World core Curriculum. 

The UN has that it should decide what children learn and what values they should have.  They even boast that children’s behavior, attitudes, beliefs, views, and even “spirituality” will be shaped by global programs.  And incredibly, governments around the world have gone along with it to the point that if the current trend continues, the future of education will be globalization and indoctrination, on steroids.

It is about transforming human society, bringing the world together under a single system, and preparing our children not to just accept tyranny, but demand it. Despite receiving little media coverage in the U.S., the UN and its sprawling array of agencies have been remarkable transparent about their agenda. For instance, the UN’s “Universal Declaration of Human rights,” which declares in Article 29 that rights and privileges may not be used “contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations,” states openly in Article 26 that education “shall further the activities of the United Nations.”

And it is already working. According to a recent Pew Research Center on Social & Demographic Trends survey, Generation Zers, like the Millennials, believe government, not the individual, not the private sector, is the better avenue to handle societal ills and solve national problems.

Pew’s findings might seem on the surface a bit disheartening but, let the Gen Zers have their Big Government ideals, for now. Life has a way of teaching truths and realities that even schools can’t rival. After a few years in the workforce, today’s dreamy-eyed Gen Zers could well become tomorrow’s tea party activists.

Source: Insanity in the Classroom: Government Schools Today by Alex Newman & Dr. Duke Pesta, New American; Education Failure: Generation Z following Millennial footsteps to Big Government by Cheryl Chumley, Washington Times; Common Core Collectivism, and Drilling Through The Core by Franklin County Patriots.

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