Gun Owners Beware: U.N. To Have Small Arms Treaty Finalized In July

Over 100 members of Congress appear to believe, as most Americans do, that the U.N. Small Arms Treaty that Hillary Clinton and Obama are adamant they will sign, will usurp America’s 2nd Amendment.

In a letter to both Hillary and Obama, they write “to express our concerns. . .the U.N.’s actions to date indicate that the treaty is likely to impose significant threats to our national security, foreign policy and economic interests, as well as our Constitutional rights. The U.S. must establish a firm red line. . .and state unequivocally that it will oppose. . .if it infringes on our rights or threatens our ability to defend our interests. . .”  The letter also reminds Obama and Hillary that “the Constitution gives the power to regulate international commerce to Congress alone.”    Right, telling Obama that he must pay heed to the Constitution is the equivalent of telling your dog not to sniff another dog’s butt.   You can read the letter and check to see if your representative signed it at this link.

Virginia’s representatives Robert Wittman of the 1st district; Scott Rigell of the 2nd district; Randy Forbes of the 4th district, Robert Hurt of the 5th district; and Morgan Griffith of the 9th district, are standing up for our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

The treaty has not as yet been finalized but considering the disdain that the U.N. and its member states hold for the United States, there is no way a reasonable person could believe that it will be written in our favor.

Supporters in our own government who believe that the treaty is necessary to prevent rogue countries from being able to purchase arms such as Senator Carl Levin, D-MI,  said that concerns about the treaty restricting individual rights are “misplaced” and he supported its goals.  You can read Senator Levin’s response to one of his constituents concerning his support of the treaty here.

Expect the U.N. and Obama [and Hillary]  to have this treaty ready for ratification this year.   If we do not send a stern message to Congress and Obama during this November’s election,  this treaty could very well become law of the land.

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