Control Food – Control The Population

02Preserving state rights to label genetically engineered foods is an absolute  must and the only way to protect ourselves from a corrupt, fascist government controlled by industrial lobbying interests.

Congressman Steven King, RINO from Iowa was behind  Amendment #71 to the new farm bill  adopted during the House Agriculture Committee’s markup.   This amendment lends support to total nullification of state’s rights to label GMO (GE) products,  barring states from imposing their own animal-welfare standards on “agricultural products” brought in from other states.

King’s Amendment further proves that our government has been bought and paid for with money from bio-tech companies like Monsanto which, by the way, already controls  the FDA.    Forty percent of the crops grown in the United States contain their patented genes. Monsanto produces the world’s top selling herbicide and several  of their factories are now toxic Superfund sites.  They do pretty much what they like regardless of the consequences it poses to our health and our economy, aided and abetted by our own government.   Watch a video on Monsanto’s Government connections at this link.

As recently reported, an unapproved strain of genetically engineered  wheat was found growing on a farm in Oregon.   As it turns out, this particular strain of wheat was developed by Monsanto and field tested in 16 different states between 1998 and 2005, but was abandoned since many countries that import our wheat do not permit GE ingredients in their food or at the very least,  require that GE foods be labeled.

Monsanto has  repeatedly promised that their “creations” would never escape its intended confines and yet a strain of GE wheat not grown in test trials in Oregon since 2001 is now found growing in a farmer’s field in Oregon in 2013.   How many other places will this strain of wheat show up?

Monsanto admits that the presence of this strain of GE wheat was  not due to any recent activity on their part but MUST be the results of escaped wheat during field trials but was more than likely  an act of sabotage.  Of course the admission comes with the excuse that it is not their fault.   Let me see – it is not their fault if unapproved strains of GE crops show up years after their field testing  but,  they are allowed to sue innocent farmers for the accidental cross contamination of crops because it is somehow  the farmer’s fault.   Interesting!

In 2006, traces of unapproved GE rice were discovered in the American rice harvest, leading to several countries banning U.S. rice exports, costing exporters millions.  Bayer CropScience, the company responsible for developing and field testing the GE rice ended up agreeing to pay $750 million to settle a class action lawsuit brought by 11,000 American rice farmers.   The export market for wheat however  is far larger than that for rice

As much as 90% of wheat grown in Oregon is sent overseas.  According to US Wheat Associates, US wheat exports totaled $8.1 billion in 2012.

Japan, one of the top consumers of U.S. wheat has already canceled orders of white wheat originating from the Pacific Northwest as well as some feed grade wheat. South Korea also cancelled orders.   What effect this will have on this year’s wheat crop is yet to be fully determined – but it  can’t be good.

Don’t expect our government to halt the destruction of our food crops.  The Monsanto Protection Act slipped into the 2013 Federal Appropriations Bill effectively bars federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of controversial genetically modified (aka GMO) or genetically engineered (GE) no matter what health issues may arise to the use of  GMOs in the future. 

The message that Congress sent is that  corporations can get around consumer safety protections as long as they have enough money to line the pockets of Congressman or support enough Democratic and RINO campaigns.    Monsanto and their ilk have become the Messiah of population control.

‘If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.”  Henry Kissinger

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