When is lying and deception acceptable?

Taqiyya or Treat?

Michael Oberndorf, RPA

When is lying and deception acceptable? To civilized westerners, i.e., non-Muslims, never, although it’s overlooked when done to spare someone from being unnecessarily hurt by the truth, as in white lies. However, Islam has taqiyya, in which lying and deception is intentionally done to deceive non-believers in order to defeat them. It’s something we are seeing every day, abroad and at home.

Libya and the so-called “Arab Spring” are both perfect examples of taqiyya successfully used to deceive and defeat the infidels – us. Obama used our military to oust Libya’s big-mouthed, but mostly toothless, dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, claiming his intervention would allow democratic moderates to assert themselves. In reality, this created a vacuum into which al-Queda, already entrenched in the “rebel” establishment, inserted itself and expanded rapidly and exponentially. The culmination was the well-planned attack on our consulate in Benghazi, facilitated by taqiyya-practicing Libyan security guards, that resulted in the murders of three American embassy personnel, and the rape and murder of our ambassador. Obama claims that he was out of the loop.

In Egypt, a similar scenario played out, except it was the Muslim Brotherhood – the parent organization of al-Queda – that was allowed by Obama to come to power. Here, too, Obama told us that the radical jihadists were really peaceful moderates, and that they really would never try to take power by winning the presidential election, which is exactly what they went on to do. This has led to anti-American riots, featuring attacks on our embassy, flag burning, and demands for the universal imposition of harsh, 7th century Shariah law. It has also spawned attacks on women who were beaten and stripped, including their own protesters, and two female reporters, one of whom was sexually assaulted. Talk about your War on Women.

In Syria, too, Obama is supplying the anti-Assad forces with weapons, even though they are allied, if not dominated by al-Queda. And in Afghanistan, our supposed Commander-in-Chief has imposed so-called rules of engagement that have driven American deaths beyond the 2,000 mark. For the “winner” of a Nobel Peace Prize, Obama seems to be up to his big, flapping ears in military intervention in other people’s countries. He has also stopped all training for our forces that actually looks at what radical Islam is, and thus they have been especially vulnerable to taqiyya that has allowed jihadists to pose as government loyalists, and then commit mass murder on our unsuspecting troops.

And now we get to this election’s traditional “October Surprise” – read: outrageous dirty trick given a free ride by the Fifth Column media. This time, Obama is reported to have cut a deal with the radical, jihadists and militant Islamist rulers of Iran, those demanders of the immediate destruction of Israel and all Jews and the Great Satan – America – to drop our most effective sanctions, if they say they will halt the part of their nuke program that could be used to build the bombs they so clearly intend to build. And it appears that is what the Imams have agreed to do. Taqiyya.

That the Obama administration would enter into such an obviously bogus deal is not simply an insult to the American voter, whom they seem to believe is so stupid as to think that this is a brilliant foreign policy coup, but another slap and spit in the face of the citizens of Iran. The sanctions they are going to remove have brought Iran to the verge of economic collapse, with the currency nearing Weimar Republic worthlessness. The majority of Persians – for that’s how the non-Islamist majority see themselves – are ready to revolt against the government whose radical jihadism and anti-Western policies have brought the country to its present degenerate state. Again, as with the uprising after the fraudulent 2009-2010 election, Obama is pulling the rug out from under the secularists, allowing freedom to be crushed and radical Islamists to cling to power. And Obama and the Fifth Column media want us to believe this is a good thing.

Loyal Americans have burned into their memories Obama’s scrawny backside as he bowed low to the Ruler of Mecca, the King of Saudi Arabia. It has been suggested that his bowing to other rulers as he continued his World Apologize for America Tour, was just to cover up the genuineness of his submission to Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. Submission, after all, is one of the Pillars of Islam. Taqiyya.

It has become glaringly obvious that Obama – a self-proclaimed Christian, follower of a sect that appears to be more Muslim than Christian, whose father and Kenyan relatives are/were all Muslims, who was raised as a Muslim, attended Muslim school where all that is taught is the Koran, recites verses from it in good Arabic, who always refers to said book as the “Holy Koran,” but refers to the Christian and Jewish books as simply the Bible – it has become glaringly obvious that Obama, who wrote in Audacity of Hope that “I will stand with the Muslims…” has been practicing taqiyya, and that we are the enemy being deceived. source: canadafreepress


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