Decree For America

A “Decree for America” was written by Pastor Aaron Fruh of Knollwood Church in Mobile, Alabama, in response to the Democratic Platform that called for taxpayer funded murder of innocent children on demand,  dissolving the biblical definition of marriage and family, and the removal of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


I. LIFE. We decree that human life  possesses intrinsic dignity from the moment of conception until  death. We decree that life begins at conception, and a baby in the  womb is a living soul. We refute the culture of death established by Roe v. Wade  and the expansion of such culture by current laws that legalize abortion on  demand, in any stage of pregnancy. We further refute the implication that all  Americans be required to invest their tax dollars in the slaughter of unborn  children. Furthermore, we refute the ideology that encourages euthanasia,  thereby erasing those who have been deemed to have lives “not worth living.” We  decree that God has entrusted us as His guardians and agents to protect  life.

II. FAMILY. We decree that marriage is  between a man and a woman exclusively. We proclaim and decree that  marriage laws in America will always adhere to the biblical worldview that  marriage is a holy covenant before God between a man and a woman committed to  lifelong fidelity and purity. As people of faith, we refute the movement to  redefine marriage as simply a romantic relationship between people, and we  refute maneuvers to secure equal treatment under law for same-sex couples.  Marriage is a monogamous relationship with a core value of procreation. We  support the first commandment in the Bible given to a husband and wife that they  should produce fruit through bearing and raising children. We decree that  marriage laws in America will not include unions other than those between a man  and a woman.

III. AN UNDIVIDED ISRAEL. We decree that  the land of Israel shall not be divided. Out of heartfelt  conviction we passionately support the Jewish state of Israel and see in it  God’s promise and fulfillment of the covenant between the Jewish people and the  land itself. We proclaim that Jerusalem has always been the holy and anointed  spot of Jewish history, and we declare it will always be the indivisible capital  of Israel. We decree that never again shall the Jewish people forfeit their land  and their city.

We decree that we cannot support a so-called “right of return” by Arabs into  Israel, designed to demographically denude Israel as a Jewish state and  culturally and religiously transform it from a free society into one under  Sharia and absolutist control. To ensure Jerusalem’s survival we strongly,  without equivocation, endorse a policy that leaves Israel in a stronger military  position against her manifold surrounding enemies. As with our forebears, we  remain biblical Zionists who recognize the merit of being participants of  Israel’s in-gathering of her exiles and the rebirth of the biblical land.


If you agree, please go to their website and add your name to the Decree.  :


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