Secret Service ask you to snitch

Mychal Massie

The Secret Service has asked those on Twitter to contact their closest field office if they see something on Twitter that “concerns them.”  Not surprisingly, they leave the part about what might be the source of their angst open to personal interpretation.

On the surface, the Secret Service directive has a veneer of worthiness to it until one stops to think about just how far-reaching their directive is and what it allows for.  Are they talking to people who would object to my writing that Obama is a mendacious, pathological liar?  Would I be reported to the Secret Service for saying Obama has done more to harm the United States than any other president and he’s done it in three years?  Is the Secret Service asking people to contact them who do not like my unapologetic description of Obama’s wife who said “all that for a damn flag?”

Are they asking people to contact Secret Service field offices because they do not like my reporting that she spent $50,000 of taxpayers’ money in one visit to the New York store advertised as being the haute couture of lingerie?  The store named Agent Provocateur bills itself as the most exclusive lingerie boutique in the world and specializes in handcrafted jeweled bras, panties, corsets and babydolls.  They also specialize in whips, garters and handcuffs for those with a lot of money and a taste for the dominatrix role and bondage.  Does the Secret Service want people to contact them that I wrote this or do they want people to contact them that I said the White House pressured the store into retracting the truth?

Maybe the Secret Service wants people to contact them saying they feel uncomfortable that it is being strongly rumored that Michelle is sleeping around with a member in their ranks?  Maybe someone should report that people want to know how a commie Muslim like Valerie Jarrett could sweep the floor of the Oval Office much less advise the president in it.

Let’s have people contact the Secret Service telling them we’re concerned after reading the tweets about Ambassador Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods being allowed to die and we want an investigation into why Obama let this happen.

I think they would have done well to define what they view as troubling because, everything mentioned above I’ve seen tweets about and I can truthfully say it turns my stomach whenever I think about their disrespect for America and his abysmal record as leader……………………………………………Unless the Secret Service thinks that being ashamed of America and making a mockery of our military are issues that shouldn’t concern us.


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