Fraudulent Polling by Phone

Want to know why the polls show Obama in the lead?

Today 10/2/12, a friend of mine received a survey phone call about the upcoming election. First they ask her race, age and then if she were Republican, Democrat or Independent. Their next question was, “Who do you plan on voting for, Obama or Romney?” When she answered Romney, a recording stated:  “This indicates that you are undecided”, and the phone call immediately ended. 

This is another deceptive tactic from the Democrat/Liberal/Socialist Party.

Do not be swayed by the polls. These Liberal Socialists want you to believe their is no reason for you to go to the polls and vote because Obama is going to win.

One thing is for certain; if you don’t vote, Obama will win.

Vote Socialist Obama OUT!

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1 comment for “Fraudulent Polling by Phone

  1. aray
    October 2, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    November 6 2012, it NOT whether the Democratic Party or the Republican Party Win ; IT IS whether the United States of America will SURVIVE!!!!
    Let’s VOTE the current Administration OUT, including all the CZARS!

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